About littlestars

Preschool for children 2 to 5 years old using the Montessori teaching method

Outdoor Activities

28th May 2012

Our outdoor, nature focused environment is designed with children in mind and offers a variety of activities.  Art, Music and Culture activities form part of each day at our school and we offer extramural activities in this field as well. […]

Working Together

28th May 2012

Our aim is to develop in each child a natural love of learning and the practical skills necessary for future competence in life.  The Montessori approach builds confidence and self-respect, responsibility and care for others and the environment. Our Montessori […]

Self Development

28th May 2012

The Child of three, four, or five, Montessori said has one intuitive aim: His self development.  He wants to develop his inner resources, his ability to cope with a strange, complex world.  He wants to see and learn for himself, […]