Welcome to Little Stars Montessori School        Sun Valley, Cape Town

Little stars Montessori is a small private Pre-school following the Montessori Method of teaching.

We offer a small class and individual attention, which ensures that your child feels at home.  Children in our school have the freedom to explore their environment and to pick and choose the things they want to play with and learn from which develops their independence.


Outdoor Activities

Our outdoor, nature focused environment is designed with children in mind and offers a variety of activities.  Art, Music and Culture activities form part of each day at our school and we offer extramural activities in this field as well. […]

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Working Together

Our aim is to develop in each child a natural love of learning and the practical skills necessary for future competence in life.  The Montessori approach builds confidence and self-respect, responsibility and care for others and the environment. Our Montessori […

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Self Development

The Child of three, four, or five, Montessori said has one intuitive aim: His self development.  He wants to develop his inner resources, his ability to cope with a strange, complex world.  He wants to see and learn for himself, […]

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